Fruit on a ketogenic diet

And why you shouldn’t consume it

I see it all the time on online forums:

“Can I consume fruit on a keto diet”

And the simple answer is no.

But let me go into further detail.

The biggest problem with fruit is sugar.

Even an apple has 19 grams of sugar (medium-sized)

Well, sugar increases insulin levels.

And as we all know. During ketosis we want our insulin levels to be as low as possible.

And you might be thinking to yourself:

“What about fruit juice?”

Fruit juices, believe it or not, are even worse than fruit itself.

The juices are pasteurized. All of the contents which can be left out are well left out.

There is no fiber in juice as well.

You’re basically getting a concentrated fructose sugar.

A lot of times they even add corn syrup to it.

However, I do recommend berries if it’s in small amounts.

1/2 Cup – 1 Cup a day. They have a good amount of fiber which will help your body handle the fructose intake.

Just so you know fructose sugar can lead to insulin resistance, fatty liver and it can spike your blood sugars even more than glucose.

So make sure to consume as little fruit as possible during a keto diet.

Thanks for reading.

– William




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