Diet Plan For Pregnant Women – 17 Healthy Eating Tips and Pie Chart

And 5 Important Foods not to Omit When Pregnant

Basically, women are advised against dieting during pregnancy. On the contrary, you should be well-balanced and well-nourished, as your baby also needs a lot of nutrients. When dieting, there is a risk that your baby will receive too little oxygen and nutrients.

Now, however, a recent study shows that sensible dietary changes and exercise in overweight pregnant women are beneficial for both mother and baby. Among the pregnant women who changed their eating habits in a healthy manner, fewer gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia occurred. With the right diet, pregnant women gained about 3.8 kilograms less. For example, a relatively calorie balanced ketogenic diet, or a HMR diet, tailored for healthy meals on a budget, can be a good solution.

What is important when losing weight during pregnancy?

If you have had a BMI of over 30 before your pregnancy, then you should contact a nutritionist or talk to your midwife / doctor. So you can put together a diet that is compatible with you and your baby and contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients. Such diets can for example include the HMR Diet, the Keto diet, and various others.

7 tips for a healthy diet change

  • Drink a lot – especially in summer, so you do not dehydrate.
  • Above all, eat foods that slowly supply energy to your body, such as whole grains, nuts, etc.
  • Make sure you eat enough protein (for example, dairy products, fried meat, or hard-boiled eggs).
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Also fruit juices (without added sugar) are recommended.
  • Eat several small portions than just three times a large portion.
  • Avoid sugary foods such as sweets, sweet drinks, etc. They only raise blood sugar levels for a short time. If he then sinks again, this can lead to dizziness or even powerlessness.
  • Avoid fatty foods – but not all oil. They need “good” oils containing omega 3 and so on. The “good” oils include the cold-pressed olive and rapeseed oils, but also nut or grape seed oil.

If you are having trouble budgeting, healthy freezer meals on a budget can be a good idea.

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