A complete guide to a perfect keto diet for beginners

For people who want to reduce their weight, choosing the best and effective diet seems to be a very difficult task. Besides, there is a lot of diet plans that currently flood the market. So, most of the beginners find it really confusing to choose the right one. You can hit the gym to lose your weigh, but the truth is a perfect diet, especially the keto diet plays a great role in this. It not only helps in reducing your weight but also enables you to live a healthy lifestyle.

So, what is actually a keto diet and how it helps your body? As beginners, you may have a lot of such questions in your mind. Well, this article carries all the required information related to the keto diet for beginners. So, let’s have a look into that information.

What do you actually mean by a keto diet?

In detail, it is a low carb and high-fat diet, which effectively control the ways the body turns the foods into the required energy. The diet focuses on low carb intake, which later drives your body into the ketosis state. In fact, it is a metabolic state where the body burns the fats, not the carbs to generate energy.

However, this is not a new concept. In fact, the diet plan has been around for years. It was developed to treat epilepsy, but now it is used by most of the people to stay healthy. Now let’s discuss the keto diet for beginners.

Keto meal plan for beginners

In general, the perfect keto diet for beginners includes 25 percent of total protein, 70 percent of fats and 5 percent of carbs. The primary sources for the required carbs are dairy, nuts and vegetables. Besides, you can consume meat, eggs, fish and good fats, which are the low-carb foods.

You shouldn’t consume refined carbohydrate as they carry a high level of sugar. So, always go for low carb vegetables, for example, broccoli, collard greens, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach and more.

Besides, when it comes to choosing oils or fats, you need to pick the healthy ones. For example, almonds, olives, avocado, sesame, peanut butter, etc. These are healthy options. Furthermore, if you love dark chocolate, then go for that.

Try to reduce the consumption of hydrogenating oil. In general, such oil contains harmful trans-fat which clogs your heart.

Keep protein in your diet 

While planning a keto diet for beginners, don’t forget to protein into it. As a matter of fact, protein heals cells and tissues. However, you need to consider the source of protein. Because some sources will offer less amount of proteins but a higher amount of fats, some of the excellent source protein are fish, seafood, eggs, grass-fed meats, whey protein powder and more.

Foods that you need to avoid during keto diet

You need to avoid altogether the carb foods which contain high-level of starch and sugar.  Some of the foods are cooked rice, pasta, potatoes, donuts, soda, chocolate bard, bread and more. In fact, if you are going to start a keto diet, then you will have to avoid sugary foods completely.

Furthermore, as a beginner, you should start with a standard keto diet. Then with time, you can move to other keto diets, for example, cyclical kept diet, targeted keto diet and dirty keto diet.

This is a complete guide to the keto diet for beginners. Go with the information, and you can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle for years.

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