15 mistakes to avoid when you are on keto diet

  1. Insufficient fat consumption:

You know that the goal of the keto diet is to run your body on fats. So, if you do not eat enough fat, how your body will run! Therefore, you need to eat a sufficient amount of carbs. If you don’t have a habit of eating that much fat, you can slowly increase your intake amount.

  1. Consuming excess protein:

If you are consuming too much protein, you are certainly making a mistake. It is because excess proteins convert into glucose. As a result, it hampers the process of ketosis. And, your diet plan simply goes into waste. Hence, you must regulate the intake of proteins.

  1. Consuming excess calories:

If it is purely a misleading fact that if you eat too many calories while on a keto diet, it’s great. However, the truth is you must eat fats, about 75 per cent of your total calorie intake. But, if you take more than that, sadly you will only gain weight.

  1. You are not drinking sufficient water:

The biggest mistake that you are making is not drinking enough water. You must follow this rule even if you are not on a diet. As you are eating fewer carbs, you need more water. So, drink plenty of water so that nutrients circulate in your body.

  1. Consuming dairy in excess amounts:

If you consume dairy too much thinking that you need more fat, and carbs, its a mistake. Eating too much dairy results in excessive protein, which slows down ketosis. Thus, limit the intake of dairy products.

  1. Eating excess keto sweets:

Do not eat much of keto sweets as it increases the craving of carbs.

  1. Are you taking too many snacks?

As per matter of fact, eating too many snacks also is not good in a keto diet. Otherwise, you will end up increasing your weight.

  1. Do you take hidden carbs?

For the record, hidden carbs exist in sauces, condiments and salad dressings. So, read nutrients information carefully and eat wisely.

  1. You are not sleeping enough:

Another big mistake you are committing is lack of sleep. It will hamper ketosis, and you will gain weight. Therefore, sleep sufficiently.

  1. Not protecting yourself against keto flu:

As your body moves from carbs burning to fat burning, you may feel certain health problems. These problems go by the name keto flu. So, be ready to face it. You can also take help from your doctor.

  1. You forget to eat omega-3 fatty acid rich foods:

Surprisingly, omega-3 fatty acid rich foods are inflammatory and are good for your health. So, you must eat salmon, oysters, mussels, etc. to get it.

  1. You are not salting your food sufficiently:

During ketosis, your body loses sodium. Hence, you need to compensate it with salting your food before you eat them.

  1. You are not clearing your diet with the doctor:

You must give an account of your diet to your doctor. It is very important because in this way your doctor can analyse you are eating right or not.

  1. You do not have an eye on veg intake:

You must keep an eye on veg intake as they contain carbs. Otherwise, your ketosis will hamper.

  1. You are forgetting the quality of food and keep counting carbs:

Whenever you are in the keto diet, you keep counting carbs. It is good. But on the other hand, do not cut them so much that you lose the quality of food. Try to eat food while making a nutritional balance.

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